Scrap Metal Services
New Structural steel
We have multiple size boxes that can be placed at your business or residential locations for scrap
metals, and cardboard.
We provide the removal (clean-ups) of farms, factories, demolition jobs, Etc.

Angles                        (20' lengths)
"C" Channels             (20' lengths)
Flats, Bars Stock        (20' lengths)
Tubing, Pipe               (24' lengths)
Cold Rolled Rounds    (12' lengths)
4' X 8' Sheet Steel        (16 Ga. To 1/2")
4' X 8' "Expanded Metal" Sheets (#13-1/2, to .427 Heavy Grating)
Steel Beams "I" and "H" Types available as well as different weights per/Ft. We can special order the
size and lengths you require.

Call us today and we can have it delivered to your door or job site.

Call for a price quote and if we currently have it in stock. Or use the contact page to request
information. We will respond as quickly as possible.
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